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hustle & heart has joined forces with @help_jackson_pay_it_forward to raise funds for Chloe and her family. Who is Chloe? She is a mum of 2 who has just survived this… I’ll allow her partner to explain…

***posted on behalf of my beautiful partner Chloe***

On Friday 1st February, Chloe woke with a sore leg.
She was putting our 3 year old son on the toilet when she struggled to catch her breathe.
She somehow managed to yell out for help. By the time I got her she was in agonizing pain. She then started to convulse on floor and had several seizures.
The ambulance was called and when they put her into the ambulance she lost consciousness and she had cardiac arrests they perform CPR multiple times on her on route to the hospital.
It turns out that Chloe had a blood clot in her leg that travelled into her lungs and heart . This is what caused her to have a cardiac arrest.
Thankfully the critical care paramedics met the other ambulance en route to the hospital and administered life saving drugs. These drugs have only in the last few months been able to be given to patients by paramedics.
Chloe was put into a induced coma and incubated (see photo)
Since coming out of her coma it has become apparent that she has lack of function in her legs due to a spinal stroke. The doctors don’t know whether this is going to be permanent.
We are hoping that with the help of rehab that her dream to walk again will be sooner rather than later.
Unfortunately this does mean that Chloe will need to possibly live at a rehab centre away from her family.
Please help us make her dream of walking again a reality by donating however much you can, whether that be by sharing her story, donating money or even your time to help get the house ready and accessible for her wheelchair.
We thank you from the bottom of our heart and will keep you updated on her progress.
Chloe, Jen, Hendrix and Niyah xoxo

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13th February 2019

?We have been checking in with Chloe’s partner Jen. With her permission we are sharing an update we received yesterday ?

From Jen @mummyof2journeyoflife

“So Chloe is now suffering delirium due to a kidney infection. Still no change to her legs. The blood clot in her right leg has grown from 6cm to 7cm. The brain bleeds have stabilised which is great. She has recommenced blood thinners. Each day we are slowly getting through. We are very lucky to have support of our families and the community. The support from everyone has been remarkable”

As you can all see its a day at a time for this beautiful family. The raffle for Chloe is to provide funds to them to aid in Chloe’s recovery and take the pressure of them financially as much as we can.

If you’d like to donate directly, please do so by clicking this link…

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