About Jnr St

Hola! I’m Jess – the mama of Jnr St – thanks for dropping by! As im sure you can see, we love all things streetwear for your mini and even some for you – for la familia!!

Jnr St is inspired by street styles globally, embracing diversity, culture, art, individuality and edge… however our biggest inspiration and drive is making a positive impact in the world! The idea of working together for a greater purpose is our biggest inspiration – one thread at a time!

Every month we choose a different charity or organisation to support. We support them by donating 10% of our sales while also creating awareness through social media platforms and creating change by supporting our community.

An empire that has an impact and gives back is where we like to fit. We truly believe that we are better together and can create change, one thread at a time! You can rest assured that every time you buy from us; you are making an impact on someone’s life! Gracias!

Jnr St is designed in Sydney, Australia with a whole lot of love.

We can’t wait to see you and your minis in our threads!

Much Love, Jess xxx ?

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